A Tiny Book Tour at The Museum of Printing | Miniature Books

Visit the Museum of Printing from home!

This virtual mini-tour features the Museum of Printing’s Frank Romano looking at a number of small-sized books, including what might be the smallest book in existence (it’s smaller than a tic-tac!). President Frank Romano shows off the collection of mini books in this video:

Haverhill’s Museum of Printing Receives Donation of Book Pages from the 1700s

Museum of Printing has received the donation of a major collection of rare book pages comes from the descendants of Dr. Arthur Klein, an accomplished collector.

While Klein was a gifted psychotherapist who worked at McLean Hospital and maintained a private practice in Cambridge,he amassed over 30 years a collection of 1,500 pages from art and science books published during the 1700s, the Age of Enlightenment. The illustrations in these books advanced the art of engraving and documented the advancement of science and technology.

The Museum is cataloging these artifacts and plans an exhibit next summer with lectures that explain the importance of these historic pages.

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