Stunning Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Library in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are no words necessary to describe this place, just look at it! I would love to visit this Library some day, even if I couldn’t read a single book. Read More >>

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What School Libraries Looked like in the 1980s

This guy basically filmed his everyday life for years on end. These videos, now being uploaded to YouTube, create a perfect time capsule of what things looked like in the 80s. Here we get to see his school library, including a card catalog.


The Library Was My Refuge

I love my Library! My first Library memory was at Leland R. Weaver Library in South Gate, California. I still remember the smell of the Library (and the books), story time, crafts and movies in the hot Summer. I also remember the card catalogue and the Librarian explaining how to find books using it.

I got my first library card there and I remember signing the back of it like a “big girl” – I don’t recall how old I was but my Mom may remember?

This is the place that my love for books truly bloomed.